Forager Technologies, LLC, previously known as AIC Incorporated, is an authorized and certified partner and provider of network infrastructure solutions and services for data centers, small businesses, and commercial/residential new construction. Forager Technologies, LLC's main headquarter is located in Franklin, Tennessee serving the South East USA and we also keep presence in “Data Center Alley,” Loudoun County, Virginia serving the greater Washington, DC area. In 2015, AIC Incorporated was a finalist in the Technology category for the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards.

Forager Technologies, LLC, helps businesses that have no in-house Information Technology (IT) team or no local IT presence at the Data Center, by providing network strategy, design, installation, security, and support services so the client can focus on their core business. Over the last few years, Forager Technologies, LLC has expanded its client base, serving small businesses such as dental and attorney offices, Government Contractors, as well as companies who utilize our area's vast data centers, but have no local IT presence.

AIC Incorporated was a vision of two brothers (Mario and Peter Tufan) who had a passion for technology and helping others achieve their business goals through the use of technology. It was 1995, New York City. Mario was an Electronics Engineer and Peter a Network and Systems Engineer. Together they created “An Irresistible Combination” - AIC Incorporated.

Mario and Peter worked tirelessly to grow the company, meeting the needs of many clients by providing computer, network infrastructure, and electronics services in the New York City area. Sadly, in 1999, Mario suddenly died and Peter had to put the company on the back burner to be able to focus on more pressing issues, while still maintaining his technical certifications, client base, and the company itself.

Fast forward to 2011, a significant milestone when Peter had the opportunity to focus on the company full-time again. He re-established himself in Loudoun County and began the arduous yet satisfying process of growing the company with a new client base and new technology services, yet still with the underlying premise to help companies and individuals achieve their business goals through enabling technologies.

In 2015, AIC Incorporated was a finalist in the Technology category for the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards. In 2016, AIC Incorporated changed to Forager Technologies, LLC, and a new story begins.

Our story. Who we are?

Principal Engineer & Owner

Peter Tufan

Principal Engineer & Owner

Dun & Bradtreet Registered

Dun & Bradtreet Registered

Registered, verified and recognized member since inception.

Technology of Year Finalist

Technology of Year Finalist

Honored award with former company AIC INCORPORATED

Chamber of Commerce Member

Chamber of Commerce Member

A recognized Chamber Member, a reputable and reliable business.

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Thumbtrack professional business.

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